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Sump Pumps together

First visit.

  • We attended the site to conduct an investigation on the wastewater submersible pump which was deemed faulty and not pumping as it should by the client
  • During the investigation we exposed the underground holding tank inspection chamber to manually turn on the pump using the low-level and starter float switches, however, this manual intervention wasn’t starting the pump.
  • Due to not being able to manually start the sump pump, we powered off the pump and float switches to lift out the pump via the lifting/lowering chain. This enabled us to conduct a more accurate check visually for any mechanical blockages and to check for any electrical issues/faults.
  • One of the reasons for a pump to malfunction includes the inbuilt macerator/impellor becoming blocked this can result in the pump not working and sometimes even result in the pump burning itself out!
  • We explained our findings following the investigation of the submersible pump to the client and they were more than happy for us to return, remove the old defective pump and carry out the installation of a new submersible pump.

Second Visit

  • We re-attended the site for the removal of the old submersible pump and to carry out the installation of a new one.
  • Firstly we opened up the tanks inspection chamber, as we needed to drain out and remove all the wastewater in the pumping chamber to work, this was pumped and drained to the downstream foul manhole.
  • Once the tank was completely empty, we lifted the pump using the chain. The defective pump was removed. Next, the flange was removed from the old pump and installed on the new pump. This flange ensures a tight waterproof connection to the pump pipework at the bottom of the tank!
    This was swapped over to the new pump and sealed. we also switched over the lift/lower chain onto the new pump.
  • Next, we removed the old pump supply cable from the control panel and ducting and ran a new submersible pump cable through the pre-existing ducting to the control panel/electrical board.
  • Now all connected up, using the chain connected to the new pump it was lowered into the tank via the tank guiding rails. As it nears the bottom of the tank the flange will become flush and lock into place with the outlet pipework.
  • We then refilled the tank with water until the float switch from the pump engaged. This was successful and the new submersible pump started up and began draining the water away to the downstream foul manhole. The pump then stopped draining when lower than the low-level float switch, just as it should!
  • Finally, we filled the tank a second time to show the client, the new submersible pump all operational.

One new submersible pump installed and operational, another happy satisfied client!

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