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New Connections

Some people decide that they would like an additional toilet underneath the stairs or to reposition their washing machine or maybe thinking of having an extension, then they require a new connection. This normally means finding out where the existing drainage system is, forming a new connection onto it and then running the storm,  waste or foul water into it.

  • Blockages are located quickly and efficiently with CCTV surveys and Sonar Drain Tracing
  • Grease, silt, leaves and other objects cleared with high pressure water jetting
  • Tree roots removed
  • Expert advice on how to prevent future blockages

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New Connections

Rain/stormwater gullies surface gullies(sometimes referred to as gullies, grill drains, channel drains ) an example of this is people will ring us and state following rainfall the water flows down the drive and into the garage, or a certain area of their patio pools water this is when we install surface gullies, you may recognise these gullies as there are usually in supermarket car parks or petrol station forecourts. We would install them along the front of the garage door. this prevents any water from getting underneath.

CCTV Surveying and fault finding, sonic tracing, drain survey, drain camera. All underground drainage systems are exactly that, underground and can’t be seen, therefore a CCTV survey can establish the general condition of the drains, inspect all the joints and junctions and ensure there are no serious defects. A CCTV camera can also identify where the existing drains are located, the general flow rate and sonic tracing can tell you the position and depth. A similar method we would also use for fault finding.

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