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Lichfield City, no doubt about it Lichfield is an old beautiful city steeped in history including the historic Lichfield Cathedral, certainly something to be proud of!

This in itself has produced a considerable number of old buildings with some drainage systems dating back well over 150 Years or more.

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Wicklen LTD are a Family business established over 35 years, and based in Lichfield, we carry out all things drains from the installation of new soakaways to CCTV surveying, flood protection, sewage treatment plants, pumping stations and surface gullies (sometimes referred to as ‘Aco drains’). We are located in Lichfield and we are your local friendly drainage specialist.

Anything associated with underground drainage we do! Drainage is very important as you of course do not want water in places it shouldn’t be whether it be wastewater, foul water or rainwater. This is why it is very important to give your drains some thought as the majority of the time drains are forgotten about. They’re out of sight out of mind! But think every time you use a sink or toilet or every time it rains water is flowing through your drains.

Rainwater in Lichfield

Rainwater is important to consider in Lichfield as Lichfield authority prefer all rainwater not to flow to the foul/waste system (where your kitchen sink and toilet flow to) it must instead flow to a separate rainwater system or as is often the case if a rainwater system doesn’t exist, it must flow to a soakaway.

Therefore, Lichfield has a lot of soakaways, a lot of them were installed when your home was originally built so have been working for a considerably number of years, they also had no regulations when they were installed, this is often why they exhaust and need replacing.

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A lot of other drainage issues in Lichfield go undetected, with an electrical fault it usually draws immediate attention, a light doesn’t work or a kettle doesn’t come on therefore you can act accordingly, usually straight away. But drains can appear to be working satisfactory, toilet flushing okay, kitchen sink draining but unfortunately a lot of these drains are leaking underground for decades before they become apparent. Again, out of sight out of mind!

Sometimes block paving or patios dips, or rising damp and brickwork cracking alerts you to the drain defect underground as the leaking water washes away the underlying soil. A CCTV camera survey will inspect the underground pipework and can identify any issues that could be allowing an escape of water, or possibly worse be causing further issues to your home, be it rising damp or further structural defects.

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