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Why use Wicklen LTD?

I remember over 30 years ago putting a new underground drainage system in for an elderly lady, she was a very keen gardener and so you can imagine her garden was something she was very proud of.
Unfortunately, her new drainage system had to go directly underneath her beautiful garden. All those years ago, camera phones were simply not available to take a photographic record like we do now. So, we removed the plants and replaced each with plant pots of all sizes, as a marker as to where each plant went, then continued to install the drainage system. After the installation, we replanted all the different plants and flowers, checked everything over and that was another job finished.

The elderly lady said to me,
‘I want to thank you for not only showing me respect but for showing respect for my property and garden as well, thank you so much; it’s a worry off my mind’

And that’s what it’s really about at Wicklen Ltd, first speaking to the customer about their specific requirements and then getting a plan together which suits them. I often think about that elderly lady and firmly believe attention to detail and planning is very important. Much of this comes from 40 years in the business (Old school if you like). There is a saying we often use amongst ourselves at Wicklen. Measure it twice, cut it once, which for us means planning the project from the beginning, offering customers what’s best for them, explaining the full process thoroughly and answering any questions they may have for complete transparency all round.

Our approach with customers has proven to work successfully over the years  and on completion of a lot of projects, customers send in their reviews of what they thought, so much so, we were awarded the ‘Which’ accolade in 2016, something we are very proud of and still retain to this day.

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Case Study

Customer Service

A very complex project delivered on time and to the highest standard. Planning was critical which included liaison with a number of material suppliers, plant and equipment. The team were very courteous throughout and caused minimum disruption considering the nature of the work, which was to replace an old Septic Tank with a new Sewage Treatment Plant and replace all of the old rainwater drainage to a new Pumping Station.

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