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Structural Relining

Your drainage problems solved fast with pipe lining no-dig technology.

  • Cheaper and less disruptive than a complete pipe replacement
  • Adds a strengthening layer to your existing pipes
  • Decreases the risk of leaks and tree root penetration
  • Your drains will be back in working order quickly

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What are the benefits of no dig pipe lining?

Over time, small cracks can develop in your drains due to soil movement or simple deterioration. If ignored, these cracks will grow into large fractures. Your pipes will lose their circular shape and eventually collapse, causing all manner of drainage problems.

Cracked drains? Avoid the hassle of a complete pipe replacement with pipe lining from Wicklen.

With “no dig” pipe lining technology from Wicklen, your drains will be reinforced with an extra layer of liner. It’s cheaper and quicker than a complete excavation, and your pipes will have extra protection against leaks, tree roots and other drainage problems.

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