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Smelly Drain Problems 

Drains, boring smelly things until they go wrong. A term we often use.

  • Blockages are located quickly and efficiently with CCTV surveys and Sonar Drain Tracing
  • Grease, silt, leaves and other objects cleared with high pressure water jetting
  • Tree roots removed
  • Expert advice on how to prevent future blockages

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Smelly Drain Problems 

We get phone calls on a regular basis from customers asking can you help us, we have smelly drains stating the smell is awful (like rotting eggs etc.) obviously the problem with a smell is it’s invisible.

However after many years of investigating smells we have learnt it could be quite a simple fix i.e. just the underground drainage bunged up and it requires high-pressure water jetting out. Or it could be some customers have recently moved into their new premises/house with a conservatory being installed by a previous owner which still has an indoor drain inside or even an inspection chamber underneath the carpet. wherever the smell is coming from, we have the equipment to trace, investigate and rectify it.

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Sundial Cottage, Lichfield
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