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What we do

We are used to removing water waste that has accumulated in a water collection sump chamber ( pit ), commonly found in basements of homes, cellars and or where unwanted flooding happens regularly.

We will help

Solve unwanted dampness, which will prevent damage to homes / buildings foundations.
Send water from homes/properties/buildings to any place where it is no longer problematic ie municipal storm drains or dry wells.

We may need to repair

Due to having blades blocked up by  large objects being sucked up.
Damaged external or integral float switch.
Outlet waste pipe blocked and back flowing , preventing sump pump from working efficiently.


Saniflo’s  and what we do – we differ from the conventional toilets , when you flush a toilet with a Saniflo system pump attached , the waste is moved into the macerator unit, which has rotating cutting blades that are designed to turn solid waste and material like toilet paper into liquid effluent.

We help to prevent  –   Blockages downstream due to having all solid waste macerated into a liquid allowing the flow to become more efficient when being flushed through the drainage system.

We may need repairing  – Overheat causing fuse to blow. Outlet waste pipe may be loose or blocked, main reason for blockages in Saniflo unit would be due to wet wipes or sanitary products being flushed into the unit.

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