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All drainage systems run underground, some run under your kitchen, lounge and most run under your front drive.




All drainage systems run underground, some run under your kitchen, lounge and most run under your front drive. 

When people have a new kitchen, complete with new floor tiles, they never think of the drains running underneath. (Why would they?) We had one customer a while ago that had just had a new kitchen, it was a really beautiful kitchen, complete with centre island, new floor tiles, and marble tops. The customer explained that she had several people there to check the internal waste pipes because her washing machine wasn’t draining away properly and on some occasions, it was soaking the new floor. She also said that it took ages for the water to drain away from the sink. But there was nothing inside the kitchen to suggest why this was happening. This, you might say, is a drain problem. So this is where we come in! By using our CCTV camera and sonic detection equipment we pinpointed the defect in the underground drain, that was causing the obstruction. This, in turn, was slowing down the flow of wastewater considerably. Now here’s the shocker.. our sonic detection equipment identified the defect directly underneath the island, yep, the island in the beautiful new kitchen. You could see the colour drain away from our customers face, as she could clearly see the defect on our CCTV camera screen telling us that the defective pipe is a meter- three feet underneath the floor. Good job they called in us, the Drain Problem Experts. This is something which we encounter all the time. Most people try to avoid any disruption in the hope the problem will go away. The simple fact is, it won’t. In fact, the Drain Flooding Problem will simply get worse 

Just imagine the sheer scale and disruption caused trying to expose this defect marble tope removed floor units, washing machine out, sink out, all plumbing and electrical, new floor tiles taken up and then you would have to break through the concrete floor, it does not stop there then you have to excavate the subsoil to get to the defective drain, the time this would take would be extremely stressful as the kitchen (or the main hub of any house) would be out of action for weeks and of course, it would cost an absolute fortune.  

This is where our specialist equipment comes into its own and by using it we structurally re-lined the defective section under the island without ever stepping a foot into the kitchen,  we also managed to put a smile back on the face of a very relieved customer at a fraction of the cost.

Not only were we able to rectify the  Drain Flooding Problem, but it was also as if the problem was never there. No disruption to speak of, we were quick, the cost was minimal.

If you think you may have a drain problem, contact Wicklen, the Drain Problem Experts.

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