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Drain Experts: Helping to Unclog Your Drain Pipes

Plumbing is vulnerable to clogging which can become a chronic problem if not fixed immediately. Let’s look at some reasons drains get clogged and what to do about it.


Clogs happen especially in the bathrooms because skin flakes, hair, soap scum and dirt accumulate on the walls of drain pipes and over time this reduces water flow. The first thing to do is to clean the drain stopper and then use a plunger. If that doesn’t solve the problem then it’s time to use a drain elbow joint and clean up the gunk that has accumulated. It is important to clean the drain stoppers regularly and use a drain cover to trap hair before it enters the drain.


Trying to flush down certain items such as dental floss, cotton swabs or feminine hygiene products can result in a nasty case of clogging. Since these products do not dissolve, a stinky odor could arise over time. Smelly drain services usually use a plunger or a hand powered drain auger as the first course of action. The hand auger can go 5 feet down to break up the accumulation of things blocking the pipe.


When cooking oil and grease is poured down the sink it can clog the drain pipes of the kitchen. Detergent and soap scum can combine with food particles to form a big chunk of obstruction. Smelly drain experts suggest that hot water with a drop of detergent, is poured down to soften the accumulation around the pipes, then a plunger is used. If this fails, a chemical drain cleaner can be used with extreme caution.

Household Plumbing

Constant problems with clogged drains requires a thorough inspection by a smelly drain expert to see if the plumbing is well designed and installed correctly. Drain pipe venting allows air to enter the pipe which pushes the water and waste properly. If air doesn’t enter properly then sewer gases can reach dangerous levels and will not find a way of escape. The slope of the drain has to be just right to carry away the waste or it will accumulate and form a blockage. Many times birds or other animals may have blocked the opening of vents. The gulp valves prevent the sewer gas from escaping but lets it out of the vent pipe. A constant stink or unpleasant odor needs help of smelly drain service professionals to fix.

Smooth functioning of the drain pipes can be achieved through regular cleaning and checkups.

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